For our 21century, Nanotech-Beam by Sato Company, Japan Neutralize, Deodorize, Sterilize, Disinfect Air;
activate any type of Oil and liquid!
Soft energy for our 21 century Sato Company, Limited. Japan


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Nanotech-Beam: Sterilizes and deodorizes air in your office/shop/anywhere at public space.
Nanotech-Beam is the ANSWER of Nano Tech-Beam Theory on fruid activation! The bacis principles concerning Nano Tech-Beam were brought forth with the help of Kanazawa University.
Ability of sterilize Test1
Tests were done on our devices at Kyorin University twice ( in 2005, 2007). They proved that our apparatuses are effective enough. In their first test, they found that our products were effective against 10 kinds of viruses including Influenza virus, typhus virus via mice, pseudomonas aeruginosa, B-dysentery bacillus, streptococcus pneumoniae, etc.
Ability of sterilize Test2
In their second test, our products were effective against 11 more disease media (viruses and bacilli). 
Ability of Deodorize Test
Tests were done on our devices at Parlor to compare with before used and after in Sep, 2007 by digital degital smell measurement devise. The air becomese clean enough level even in smoking place.
Safty Test
A very importatn test was done on 23rd, January, 2008 at Diet Analizing Center. They proved that devices includes or emit no lead, antimony, and cadmium, and that they issued license numbered 108012154-002.
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Results of Delivered
We have offered our services to over hundreds of facilities and chain stores including Medical Examiners’ Office in Tokyo, Kanazawa Hosptial attached to Univesity of Kanazawa, Kyorin Hospital affiliated to its University, Academy of Fukuoka Veterinary Technicians, Tokyo Oedo-onsen, Hot spring in Tokyo Dome, Goodwell(Caregiver Center), Maruhan, Pop One, Allex, Alladin, UNO, Tokyo Plaza “Paratio (Japanese Licenced Public Gamble Center) ” Akachan-honpo” (For baby care) etc, etc.
Line up
We are preparing to ship various types of Nanotech Beam according to the space of demands.
About us
Our Sato Company’Business Information.
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Sato Company’s motto is “Energy-easy in the 21st century.” Along with this motto, we work to discover and even invent various devices and equipment to better our environment by introducing these apparatuses. Our goal is to improve and purify air, oil, water, and so on through our Nanotechnology.
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Sterilizes and deodorizes air in your car
To reduce economical burden by making edible oil activated and make oil friendly to your stomach

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