For our 21century, Nanotech-Beam by Sato Company, Japan Neutralize, Deodorize, Sterilize, Disinfect Air;
activate any type of Oil and liquid!
Soft energy for our 21 century Sato Company, Limited. Japan


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  Results from test: Ability of sterilize The Second test;

The Second test:
On 10th of December, 2007, Dr. Shigeru Kamiya, Chairman of International Symposium of Aspetic, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics,has studied at Kyorin University of Medicine. He reported that the Nano-Tech-Beam's negative ion is enormously destroying the many germs, bacteria, etc. . 

Tested germs are; (11) 

  1) Enterococcus faecalis ATCC1943
  2) Bacillus cereus ATCC14579
  3) Salmonella Enteritidis
  4) Salmonella Typhimurium
  5) Serratia maarcesens
  6) Aeromonas sobria
  7) Burkholderia cepacia
  8) Vibrio cholerae non01
  9) Vibrio pharahaemolyticus
10) Helicobacter pylori
11) Candida albicans

When clik the below, you would check all the report by PDF file. (In Japanese only)

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