For our 21century, Nanotech-Beam by Sato Company, Japan Neutralize, Deodorize, Sterilize, Disinfect Air;
activate any type of Oil and liquid!
Soft energy for our 21 century Sato Company, Limited. Japan


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   Technology of Nanotech-Beam

  To sterilize and deodorize air in your car and enjoy refreshed air !

In the case of “Airo-fresh”, “Nanotech Beam” (generates Nanotech Beam Negative Ion, applied with very small electric current difference) is installed, together with Ultra Violet Light (LED type) enhanced Sterilizes and Deodorizes air in your car and enjoy refreshed air.
Airo-Fresh is very compact size as cigarettes package, required electric is from the cigar-socket in the car.
  • Available for taxi, new-car, etc. for deodorization.
  • No filter requires and no fan, very convenient and maintenance free.
    (With fan type is also available.)
  • Air Fresh is also usable for toilets and elevators.
Airo Fresh Standard (wihtout Fan Type) Airo Fresh Special (with Fan Type)


  • Size: 50x80x35 mm
    Required electricity: (Voltage) 15 v.
    Made in Japan.

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