For our 21century, Nanotech-Beam by Sato Company, Japan Neutralize, Deodorize, Sterilize, Disinfect Air;
activate any type of Oil and liquid!
Soft energy for our 21 century Sato Company, Limited. Japan


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We proudly but humbly make known that we have successfully accomplished devices, owing a lot to tie-up universities, under the concept of utilizing Nanotechnology.  We sincerely wish to improve our environment and daily life through this technology.  We firmly believe that our devices will be of great use to enable us to spend each and every day comfortably.  We also wish that young people who will come to realize their own potential, as they will be the bearers of tomorrow.

Introduction of our industry:

Sato Company’s motto is“Energy-easy in the 21st century”. Along with this motto, we work to discover and even invent various devices and equipment to better our environment by introducing these apparatuses. Our goal is to improve and purify air, oil, water, and so on through our Nanotechnology.

Nanotech Beam

Sterilizes and deodorizes air in your office/shop/anywhere at public space.


Sterilizes and deodorizes air in your car

Mr. Die-hard

To reduce economical burden by making edible oil activated and make oil friendly to your stomach

Nanotech Beam BDF

Revives waste oil

Nanotech Beam MBL

(gasoline engine use) (diesel engine use)
To make engine run to its maximum efficiency

Nanotech Beam OYL

Activates oil ( for boiler and diesel engine )

Nanotech Beam WTR

Activates drinking water and make it tasty

Nanotech Beam PAC (Power Accessories)

Keeps you healthy

Nanotech Beam SPN (Power Spoon)

Gives you beauty treatment

Outline for Sato Company Limited


Name; Sato Company Limited
Founded;March 1986
Representative; Satoshi Moteki (MR)
Capital ;10 million Japanese Yen
Head Quarter: 135 Yata, Yoshii,Takasaki, Gumma, Japan 370-2106
Lab/Plant: 540 Kogure, Yoshii, Takasaki, Gumma, Japan 370-2102
Phone; +81-27-320-4100  (within Japan 027-320-4100)
Fax; +81-27-320-4111  (within Japan 027-320-4111)

E mail: (You can write to this mail adr. in English)

URL: (English Name; Mr. Die-Hard)

Patents and Licenses:

1. licensed 2006-34092 mattress and bed with mattress
2. licensed 2003-112041 fluid processing system
3. Newly designed 3125747 hydro processing system
4. Newly designed 3109054 aero cleansing device
5. Patent 368959 fluid system
6. Number of registered writing 18843-1
7. Registered number 4623328 electric appliances

Tie-up Universities:

University of Kanazawa / Kyorin University, etc.

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